D-HR human resource management software standard solution

ONESSC D-HR provides flexible, scalable, and highly integrated human resource management solutions for enterprise customers in different industries.
Help enterprises quickly establish HRIS and easily enter the era of the human resource management cloud.    

ONESSC LEAN implementation method

The five major stages of project construction: project preparation → blueprint investigation → system implementation → online preparation → parallel & online

Technical proposal


ONESSC is a microservices-based architecture that implements the PaaS platform for enterprise users based on the idea of Domain-Driven Design. Among them, there are business process engines specially developed for common problem domains of enterprise users, collectively known as—— The Unicorn Engine PaaS is supported by the Unicorn Engine PaaS to build HR SaaS products.

Compared with other domestic HR SaaS products, ONESSC supported by Unicorn Engine PaaS, has a high configuration, high scalability, high availability, high security, and high integration, and it is easy to respond quickly to changing business needs.


Operations Support Center

The operation support center is jointly created by the support team and the ONESSC support team. The scope of support includes business support, technical support, and new project support. The ONESSC support team, as the main force of the support team, provides professional consulting and technical data support. Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes operation and maintenance services to ensure accuracy and timely delivery.


Custom solutions:

Customize human resource management software solutions for customers based on customer management urgently needed and business characteristics, and help customers improve management efficiency

Easy operation and maintenance:

Provide real-time social security policy query and flexible report data visualization functions, which facilitates unified management of enterprises and improves management efficiency

Professional service:

Productive software product system, years of human resources service industry experience, professional service team to provide services.

Save investment:

At the same time, it supports the dual choice of "cloud deployment" and "localized deployment," and provides on-site operation and maintenance service support to ensure that enterprises reduce investment in continuous operation and maintenance

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