Eliminate All IT Worries Calmly Know the Digital World of Personnel Management

From the planning, operation and maintenance, procurement, and construction of the company's entire IT environment system to the overall comprehensive service of the network environment. Using ONESSC's technological advantages and professional IT field channels, it quickly builds and sets up a complete enterprise-level IT environment for enterprises. Members can safely enjoy the information and convenience brought by the shared service center, without having to worry about IT, and the enterprise's ability to prevent IT risks is improved.

Local professional service support for secure and rapid deployment

Custom Development

ONESSC provides enterprises with e-HR human resource management software and HR SSC human resource sharing service center platform and customizes development according to user needs.

IT Resident Services

Comprehensive IT management, not only can get on-site technical support, but also backup team support, the fast response around the clock, IT staff at anytime, anywhere.

Emergency repair service

If your company has an emergency, ONESSC's professional engineers promise to respond to the situation within 30 minutes, arrive at the scene to deal with the problem within 1-2 hours, and a professional engineer will come to serve you.

Telephone remote support service

Phone remote support service is suitable for mid-to-high-end enterprise customers with ten computers or scattered areas, many mobile workers or low service frequency, but the high response time

Cyber Security Assessment

According to the risks and loopholes in network security assessment, put forward corresponding security recommendations, and make corresponding plans and measures.

Overall strategic planning

We combine the IT service management experience of leading customers in various industries of ONESSC to provide you with periodic and long-term IT strategic planning consulting services so that customers can build a new IT operation and maintenance environment.

Business process carding

According to the investigation of the business process of the enterprise, combing with the ISO system process, and actively putting forward suggestions and plans for improvement according to the current situation of the personnel management of the enterprise.

Asset risk assessment

IT asset management should be included in the management scope of the enterprise. If there is no planning for IT, it will cause enterprises to waste investment in IT. Repeated placement, idle equipment, and IT sometimes hinder efficiency.

Professional IT team, service is always fast and timely

Professional service process to make products fast

7 * 24 hours service

5 * 8 hours working hours troubleshooting, 7 * 24 hours non-working hours troubleshooting response, strict implementation of service level agreement (SLA)

100+ full-time engineers

ONESSC's information team is stable and experienced and always adheres to the pursuit of the best user experience, rich service experience, good reputation, and trustworthy.

Visual IT help desk

ONESSC provides enterprises with e-HR human resource management software and HR SSC human resource sharing service center platform, which supports customers to view relevant information in real-time. And helps their enterprises to analyze and construct a panoramic map of enterprise management in the big data of human capital.

Service value

Affected by the social insurance law, the cost and risks of enterprise employment continue to increase. When choosing outsourcing services, customers only need to pay a separate fee, and the outsourcing company handles all employment issues.

The IT burden is entrusted to ONESSC securely, enabling enterprise management to focus more on the sustainable development of internal core competitiveness.

It completely avoids the waste of IT investment, repeated investment, and idle equipment, etc., which reduces costs for enterprises and improves the efficiency of resource use and integration.

The platform covers tens of millions of employees. Let trust last.

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