Shared service operation solution

The Operational Excellence Support Center is jointly created by the support team and the ONESSC support team. The support scope includes business support,
Technical support, new project support, as the main force of the support team, the ONESSC support team provides professional consulting and technical data support.

Project full link support, high availability guarantee for a shared platform

The service architecture of the ONESSC Support Center consists of a three-tier service architecture (data support team, business consulting team, and technical architecture team) to ensure that the company's personnel can handle customers' problems at the appropriate level within the specified time.

Job outsourcing

Personnel service post, salary service post, call service post, financial service post, IT operation and maintenance service post, etc

Itemized outsourcing

Shared service hall outsourcing, employee welfare outsourcing, contact center outsourcing, employee relations outsourcing,
IT operation and maintenance support outsourcing, compensation outsourcing,

Operation outsourcing

Team building, SOP building, SLA validation, business process optimization, cost optimization, business improvement

Multi-dimensional service system, only to ensure excellent operation

Service level agreement Service Quality Management

Negotiate the responsibilities of both parties, agree on the problem handling method and arbitration process; formulate business operation specifications and establish a quality verification mechanism at the same time to ensure the operating objectives of “zero error in information quality, zero waiting in business processing, zero hidden dangers in the operation process, and zero complaints in quality services”.

Operation platform system Continuous optimization system

Build an easy-to-use, efficient, safe, stable, and smooth business operation platform, interconnect with related system processes, share information, and continue to optimize and improve.

Knowledge management system Staff training system

Establish SSC's resource and knowledge management system, set expectations for the contribution and use of shared knowledge; at the same time, set up a "three modules, three levels" HR shared service training system for all employees to support various types of employee training.

Customers’ relationship management Performance appraisal system

Establish a timely and responsive customer communication and coordination mechanism, and at the same time establish a performance evaluation system that combines hierarchical classification, quantitative and qualitative performance, and use service quality and customer satisfaction as indicators for all employees.

Overall operation and control to ensure safe and efficient services

Service Standard Agreement
SOP Standard Process

SLA Agreement
Service Report

Satisfaction assessment

System operation and maintenance support

Data security and confidentiality

Service team management

Service value

Make a link

Promote the collaboration of shared services with companies, SSC and BP, employees and managers in specific businesses

Set up the process

Optimize shared service business processes into the system, automate standardized operations, and provide tools for HR

Do a good job

Multi-channel customer interface and centralized back-office operations

Make good use of data

Collect and integrate human and event data to support HR analysis

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