Total solution for conventional industry

ONESSC HR SSC provides flexible, scalable, and highly integrated human resource management solutions for enterprise customers in different industries.
Help enterprises quickly establish HRIS and easily enter the era of the human resource management cloud.

The Human Resource Sharing Service Center provides product content for shared services such as employee portals, call platforms, knowledge bases, work orders, process modules, business monitoring modules, report centers, big data analysis tools, and self-service terminals. At the same time that human resources realize shared services, more room for expansion is provided in terms of organizational performance, employee satisfaction improvement, big data applications and manager empowerment, helping companies to improve human resource efficiency through information technology and effectively reduce costs.


  • 项目论证与启动

  • 设计与研讨共享服务模式

  • 组建共享服务中心

  • 运营优化

  • 跟踪改善价值回收


共享服务咨询 整体规划

Human capital operations scan

Evaluation of current social work value allocation and effectiveness analysis of existing system support

Human capital shared service planning

Planning and design of shared service products and values, design of shared service organizations and positions

Human capital sharing operation plan

Human capital shared service model process design; human capital shared service model management design

共享服务中心搭建 系统全景

Comprehensively leading the digital transformation of enterprise management

  • Leadership change
  • Experience digital transformation
  • Data Information Transformation
  • Digital operation
  • Internal and external human resources change

Leadership change

Omni-channel (digital and physical) experience, leading corporate strategy and cultural change

Experience digital transformation

Oriented to continuous innovation-organizational structure, motivation, evaluation

Deliver business through the platform-architecture, services, data management

Multi-dimensional market activities-relevance, reach, interaction

Data Information Transformation

Based on the analysis and interpretation of existing data, combined with models to promote team career development

Digital operation

Change organizational structure, improve operational efficiency, and interconnect products, services, assets and processes

Internal and external human resources change

Support (real-time) decision-making by analyzing data generated during the connection process

Service value

The roles of the "three pillars" are all in place, and a new pattern of human resource management that matches the corporate strategy has taken shape.

The mode change promotes the improvement of internal efficiency and efficiency, and the demonstration effect of the first-in-first-out trial has begun to appear.

Sharing brings business value-added, and the human resources sharing service center's service support role is significantly improved.

HR management has shifted from function-oriented to strategy-oriented, and the ability of international operation management to match the company's strategy has been significantly improved.

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