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Overall solution

Industry challenges

For a long time, there have been some common contradictions and problems in the field of human resource management in state-owned enterprises.

Main performance:The management efficiency of the original system was low, similar posts or processes were overlapped, and transactional work was repeatedly passed.

Employees have low professional capabilities, limited vision and skills, low participation in strategic management, and insufficient business refinement.

Human resources management lacks strategic, personnel recruitment, configuration, evaluation, compensation, the internal and external flow of current information technology application level is low, business informatization, data integration, process formalization is not high.


Organization positioning

In terms of organizational positioning, according to the "Human Resources Diagnostic Report," the regulatory settings and functions of the "three pillars" model were repositioned, and the service targets, management interface, responsibility requirements, and operating standards were clarified.


In terms of staffing, scientifically set the number of posts for each business unit, clarify the requirements for post quality, and do an excellent job in selecting and training staff.

Process reengineering

In terms of process reengineering, the Turtle Diagram process element analysis tool was used to optimize and optimize the original workflow.

Information platform construction

In terms of information platform construction, focusing on the needs of future digital transformation, following the principles of the overall design and step-by-step implementation, a standardized, streamlined, and automated human resources integrated service platform is established to ensure that most business flows and data flows run on the platform.

Improved international operation management capabilities

In terms of improving international operation and management capabilities, it matches the company's development strategy, layouts, and designs global tactical models and operating plans. It insists on the point-to-face, first relaxed, then severe, and gradually advances to the overall HR system.

Shared service center hardware site construction

In terms of hardware site construction of the shared service center, it is guided by user needs, focuses on service introduction, and achieves a unified service function area, unified design service hall, and standardized service standards.

Service value

The roles of the "three pillars" are all in place, and a new pattern of human resource management that matches the corporate strategy has taken shape.

The mode change promotes the improvement of internal efficiency and efficiency, and the demonstration effect of the first-in-first-out trial has begun to appear.

Sharing brings business value-added, and the human resources sharing service center's service support role has significantly improved.

HR management has shifted from function-oriented to strategy-oriented, and the ability of international operation management to match the company's strategy has been significantly improved.

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