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With the disappearance of China 's demographic dividend and the rising cost of labor, the days when the traditional manufacturing industry relied on the demographic dividend are gone. Improving per capita efficiency has become the core proposition of the company, and controlling churn and recruitment has become the central task of HR.
Relying on its abundant technical reserves and services such as business outsourcing and job outsourcing, ONESSC helps customers solve problems such as high mobility and insufficient recruitment. It simplifies the customer's employment process, reduces employment risks, and controls labor costs.

Industry challenges

Due to the declining dividend of the labor population in China and its coastal areas, it is becoming more and more difficult for intensive labor companies to recruit workers, and the employment costs of enterprises are increasing;

To adapt to the rapid changes in the market competition environment, the organizational structure and post settings are frequently adjusted;

The manufacturing industry has a large number of employees, a complex staff structure, and a high employee turnover rate. Due to cultural differences and a large number of employees, the probability of labor disputes is high;

Following changes in the market environment, companies often need to adjust production plans according to orders at any time. As a result, attendance scheduling and vacation shifts frequently occur, and attendance is more complicated;

Organizing production according to rules, resulting in the co-existence of employee compensation calculation timing and piece-rate compensation, overtime wages and project bonuses coexist, and the increase in the difficulty of employee compensation calculations due to attendance and ERP data;


Staff file management

The system flexibly defines personnel categories and data dictionaries to realize the classification management of personnel, such as management personnel, production personnel, logistics personnel, sales personnel, interns, labor personnel, et cetera. Realize the electronic control of employee files, and automatically realize the information expiration reminder, and realize the dynamic power of the staff.

Payroll management

Payroll management can target multiple payroll modes such as timekeeping, personal piecework, and teamwork piecework in manufacturing companies. It can interface with production, attendance, and performance management. It can directly generate bank-style payroll documents, improve wage processing efficiency, and assist companies in implementing innovative the salary management system, and the system helps companies to manage and control labor compensation costs promptly. And predicts labor cost inputs and outputs for wage accounting, issuance, bank offer issuance, and cost allocation and attribution.

Attendance Scheduling Management

Attendance shift management can realize the shift management needs of different personnel, especially for the characteristics of front-line production department employees' scheduling needs to be adjusted according to the production plan; at the same time, the shift, overtime leave, and sick leave management for employees should be able to meet their business needs. Provides various functions of time attendance data processing and intelligent time attendance data analysis to help the HR department to efficiently complete daily attendance affairs, greatly simplifying the work stress and work intensity of attendance staff.

Welfare Insurance Management

The system should be able to achieve comprehensive support for insurance benefits payment and apportionment costs, complete the automatic calculation and payment of insurance benefits (support wage deduction), provide personal account management functions, and customize new insurance items to calculate and pay them automatically, Personal account management needs.

Personnel contract management

Personnel contract management can achieve the management needs of different personnel to sign separate contracts, including analysis, reminders, et cetera, such as the management of employment contract management, production contract labor management, logistics collaboration personnel labor contract management.

Various report statistics

The system should provide multiple statistical tables, comprehensively analyze a variety of flexible personnel, salary, attendance, and other statistical reports can be statistical analysis based on education, age, and different angles to achieve dynamic analysis and planning adjustment of personnel.

Service value

Provide convenient and fast scheduling tools for the production line, get real-time feedback of attendance results

Improve compliance of corporate personnel management to avoid employment risks

Enhance information transparency to help control better and retrograde scientific human planning and decision-making

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