Overall solutions for the logistics industry

The number of employees in the logistics industry is enormous, and employment needs are susceptible to business changes. In logistics companies, 30% to 40% of operational management costs are applied to human resources. ONESSC aims at the human resources informatization construction and outsourcing services for the logistics industry, which can well balance the changes in the demand for human resources by business changes.
Customers can not only increase and decrease in a temporary and auxiliary position according to the time period of the business and the number of human needs, but also can realize the intelligent management of human resources through the human resource sharing service platform to ensure that talents can make the best use of them, and ultimately promote the steady improvement of corporate efficiency.

Industry challenges

The logistics industry has a large number of employees, multiple source categories, flexible and diverse employment methods, complex employee enrollment, and cross-regional conditions.

The logistics industry has many formats and many shifts, and the employee's working hours records are not timely, incomplete, or detailed,

Human resources management lacks strategic, personnel recruitment, configuration, evaluation, compensation, internal and external flows, et cetera, have their systems, and lack of visual data insight.


Staff file management

Record personnel status information at any time for easy statistics. Departments and agencies at all levels adjust and report personnel change information promptly, obtain information immediately and perform unified analysis and management, implement electronic control of employee files, and automatically warn of birthdays, contracts, trial periods, Information expiration reminders such as the expiration of the training period allow dynamic control of personnel.

Salary incentive management

Establish a unified pay structure system and pay incentive mechanism, and the data is automatically uploaded and calculated in real-time to avoid pay distortion and errors caused by excessive manual intervention.

Attendance Scheduling Management

Each level of points timely counts the work records of the class and reports abnormalities at any time. The headquarters checks and counts the working hours promptly through the system. The characteristics of employees in front-line production departments need to be adjusted according to the production plan; at the same time, shift shifts, overtime leave, and sick leave management for employees should meet their business needs.

Welfare Insurance Management

The system should be able to fully support the payment and distribution of insurance benefits across the country, complete the automatic calculation and payment of multiple insurance benefits (support wage deductions), provide personal account management functions, and customize new insurance items for the need for automatic calculation, cash, and personal account management.

Service value

Intelligent scheduling maximizes resource utilization and guarantees high-quality and timely delivery of orders.

The implementation of the active and real-time attendance tracking guarantee plan ensures accurate and controllable labor costs.

On-site management improves personnel time utilization and achieves lean production.

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