HR SSC software

Help enterprises to build HR SSC in stages to achieve human resource collaboration and sharing

The Human Resource Sharing Service Center provides product content for shared services such as employee portals, call platforms, knowledge bases, work orders, process modules, business monitoring modules, report centers, big data analysis tools, and self-service terminals.
At the same time that human resources realize shared services, more room for expansion is provided in terms of organizational performance, employee satisfaction improvement, big data applications, and manager empowerment, helping companies to improve human resource efficiency through information technology and effectively reduce costs.Watch video

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Comprehensive business support to provide evidence-based management

  • Strategic management
  • policy support
  • The shared service application system
  • business system
  • IT support
  • Strategic management

    Total budget

    management analysis

    Risk management

    Investment and Financing

  • policy support

    One-stop business intelligence analysis system, comprehensive indicator monitoring, accessible analysis of unique business

  • The shared service application system

    Terminal hardware: mobile application, service lobby/portal, 400 hotlines, certification printer, QR code scanner

    Shared service business system: customer service system, work order system, notification reminder, scheduled task, operation monitoring, document management, business process system, search engine, knowledge base

    Product management center: process design, report design, log analysis

    Internal management system: revenue and expenditure management, internal marketization, internal audit, service agreement

  • business system

    Human resource management system: organization management, personnel management, salary management, labor management, recruitment management, training system, talent development, performance evaluation, salary management

    IT management system, financial system, other business systems

  • IT support

    IT infrastructure (including network, server, storage equipment, et cetera)

    Information environment (machine room, organization, system, process)

Construction of HR SSC in phases to make the process visible

Help enterprises to build HR SSC in stages to achieve human resource collaboration and sharing


    1.0background concentration

    In the initial stage of shared service construction, the concept of HR team working collaboratively is established, to establish centralized back-office operations. The system, service products, and docking methods are used to support the bottom-level work (data, salary, and limited consulting) of the front-site HR jobs).

    Troubleshoot glaring errors, reduce error rates, and focus on system data quality.


    2.0Functional Repositioning

    In the forming stage of the shared service center, based on the business process system of the shared service center, the goal is to establish the best daily service for compliance. The shared service stationed (transduced) personnel will extend the process service to the terminal (or area), and the standard service process has a clear structure. Simplify the operation of terminal personnel, and establish an assessment mechanism.

    Focus on reasonable process compliance, work efficiency, and employee experience.


    3.0Resource Integration

    Through the effective management and operation of shared services, data accumulation is formed.

    Expand shared service products (recruitment, training, et cetera.), from improving employee satisfaction to paying attention to employee engagement, providing business managers with team management information and tool support, and providing HR with data analysis applications.

    Pay attention to the extension of service functions and value output.


    4.0Open Operations

    Pay attention to internal and external innovation and process experience accumulation, and form industry solutions. Give full play to the effect of scale; services can be exported.

    May be included in corporate shared services series (finance, human resources, procurement, IT, et cetera.).

    SLA is more integrated into customers' business strategy improvement.

Technology drives business transformation, allowing value to grow freely

Concentrated functions, streamlined organization

Give full play to scale effects, save corporate costs, and provide standardized services to various business units at high quality and low cost

Process optimization and acceleration

By optimizing and reorganizing the process and standardizing the data, the process operation efficiency is improved, and the timeliness, integrity, and compliance of the information are developed.

Knowledge sharing, team collaboration

Transfer management ability and knowledge to each business unit to realize knowledge inheritance in the enterprise

Financial analysis, forecasting returns

Analyze from labor costs, operating costs, and one-time input costs to predict the return on investment

The platform covers tens of millions of employees. Let trust last.

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