HR D-HR software

Provide enterprises with the operation and management of employees' complete career life cycle

D-HR platform is a human resource service application cloud platform launched by ONESSC Information. Based on the integration of Internet technology, cloud storage technology, and human resource management experience,
it provides enterprises with operation and management from employee entry to departure, including contracts, files, personnel, organization, salary, attendance, benefits, talent development, et cetera.

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Covers all HR modules to make management evidence-based

  • Organization
  • Personnel
  • Labor management
  • Salary and benefits
  • Report Forms
  • Employee and manager self-help
  • Organization

    Covers organizational models such as functional, matrix, and group, and supports rapid adjustment of corporate architecture.

    Establish a standardized job position system based on rank, job sequence, professional line, et cetera.

    Breaking departmental boundaries, supporting staffing management, staffing planning, and control

    Organize the organization through the timeline, visualize the past, present, and future organizational models at a glance.

  • Personnel

    Full-lifecycle management of employees, full-service online processes such as onboarding, employee turnover, et cetera.

    Flexible and configurable information to adapt to the differentiated management characteristics of different enterprises

    Implement different quick onboarding functions for white-collar and blue-collar employees, such as code scanning and onboarding

    Support document electronic management.

  • Labor management

    Flexible shift design, drag-and-drop operation

    Diversified vacation types, customized vacation items, and attendance rules support multiple regulations such as comprehensive working hours

    Support various sign-in forms, substantial mobile terminal diversity, support GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth positioning, can work with different types of attendance

  • Salary and benefits

    Support multiple sets of salary systems, salary standards, and social security archives management

    Support operations such as reimbursement, resignation, termination of pay, multi-department pay, segmented payroll, combined tax calculation, et cetera.

    External data can be directly introduced and participate in salary calculation, supporting batch operations

    Comprehensive support for social security policies across the country, with built-in offer and tax filing documents

  • Report Forms

    Report Center Forms can customize reports, support multi-dimensional data statistical analysis, integrate multiple EXCEL functions  

    Decision Center, with dozens of graphical data displays, supporting multi-dimensional subject analysis for different decision makers

    Support report authorization subscription, real-time and periodic push, intelligent monitoring, and timely discovery of abnormal data

  • Employee and manager self-help

    Employee basic information query, such as salary, attendance, personal information, et cetera.

    Managers self-help give full play to the role of empowerment, custom classification management, team situation at a glance. Message, to-do, approval, mobile business reminders

    The mobile process is synchronized with the PC and can be docked with Dingding, WeChat, OA, et cetera.

    After integration with shared services, employee consultation, service appointments, and work guides can more effectively improve employee satisfaction.

Technical advantages guarantee platform performance and make applications more convenient

Easy to deploy

SaaS model, no software or hardware installation required, fast deployment

Easy to use

Full PC and Mobile coverage for data processing anytime, anywhere

Easy to expand

High applicability integration capability to ensure function expansion and upgrade

Efficient integration

HRM, HRS functions and processes are vertically integrated; HRS, MSS, ESS role integration; horizontal integration of internal systems

Performance guarantee

Comprehensively meet performance indicators such as throughput, response speed, concurrent users, and high availability

Data Security

Utilizing asymmetric fundamental encryption principle, row-level data management and control accurate to user + business function level

Flexible mode

Business-oriented, procurement on demand; cost-sharing, flexible paymentIntelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis

Platform pre-defined reports, query center to meet various customized reports, support customized report development

D-HR software helps HR management increase efficiency and provides decision support

The platform covers tens of millions of employees. Let trust last.

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