Social responsibility

 The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the care of societyAs a corporate citizen,
ONESSC actively participates in various public welfare undertakings

Charity Student Program

In January 2017, Passion Group established the Talent Fund to provide education funds for out-of-school children, poverty-stricken students, and college dropout students to help realize the "Chinese dream, talent dream." Funding sources include the company's administrative appropriations, donations organized by the company, and employees' voluntary donations, which have successfully funded many students.

Talent Fund Project

In terms of cultivating and transporting talents for socialist construction, Passion Group has been actively embracing policies, responding to national calls, giving full play to corporate kinetic energy, and providing stronger support for talent cultivation in universities. Funded by the Student Aid Fund to complete your studies.

People-oriented, giving back to society

A country is the same as an enterprise. Talent is essential. It is the most precious resource of a nation and an enterprise. We hope to make some contributions to the national education cause through the scholarship fund, help students to realize their dream, and help the realization of the Chinese dream. "People-oriented, giving back to the society" is the corporate culture of ONESSC and the original intention of the talent fund.

President of ONESSC

Zhang Dongjin