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  • D-HR software
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D-HR software

D-HR platform is a human resource service application cloud platform launched by ONESSC Information. Based on the integration of Internet technology, cloud storage technology, and human resource management experience, it provides enterprises with operation and management from employee entry to departure, including contracts, files, personnel, organization, salary, attendance, benefits, talent development, et cetera.


HR SSC platform

The Human Resource Sharing Service Center is based on PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform, which can better adapt to the multi-region and multi-format complex business requirements of shared service companies, and respond more quickly to the differences demand, on the basis of standardization, give business differentiating ability. Through the support of the platform, many enterprises have achieved satisfactory improvements in many aspects such as human-to-human efficiency, data mining, and process monitoring.



The continuous innovation and rapid development of ONESSC has won praises from government departments and media organizations.

  • High-tech enterprise certification

  • The Best Human Resource Sharing Service Center Service Provider Award in Greater China

  • The most innovative
    SaaS service providers in 2018

  • Best Human Resources
    SaaS Product of 2017

  • the human resource sharing service platform

    Special Recommendation Award

  • the Outstanding Global Award for Shared Services
    and Outsourcing Global Network (SSON) in China

  • ISO27001:Technical Quality 2017 Management System Certification

  • Top 50 Human Resource Technology Awards of HR Tech 2017

  • Human resource management system: human resources software organization preferred supplier

  • Human Resources Agency Customer
    Satisfaction Award

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